Marquee Awning

An awning can also be purchased for your marquee.

Typically, the minimum width of the awning for a marquee awning size is determined by the size of the flat side of your tent. The flat side is the side of the canopy that corresponds to the ridge pole. The standard awning skirt (flap) is sewn on one side of the canopy when we initially make the tent. To 'attach' an awning, there are grommets in the awning that correspond to the grommets in the awning skirt and the canopy. You sandwich the edge of the awning between the awning skirt and the canopy.

In some cases, folks purchase an awning two panels wider than the 'flat' part to provide additional shade or rain run off ability.

Marquee Awinings available:

Width (ft) Length (ft)
6 6
9 6
9 6
9 9
12 6
12 9
15 6
15 9

We do not recommend a length greater than 9 feet, since there is not a ridge pole for support.

Dining or Shade Fly for Wall Tents, Wedges and Subaltern

Your dining fly is your living room. Order the size that fits your camping life style. Our dining or shade fly for the wall tents is sold by width and length.

Standard Features:
- Center seam.
- Grommets and reinforcements at each end of the peak
- Grommets and reinforcements at each panel edge
- Our shade fly has an additional section sewn at one end with cordage to provide an overlap for rain or wind protection.

Standard sizes available:

Width - Is the measurement from edge to edge. Length – measured from front of tent to end of fly. Also the measurement of the fly's ridge pole.
9 9
9 12
12 9
12 12
12 15
15 9
15 12
15 15
Larger sizes available on request.


If you want your fly to echo the roof lines of your tent please inquire.