Base, Baker & Spike Camps

Base TentsThe BASE, BAKER AND SPIKE CAMPS are separate units which can be used together or separately and configured in multiple ways. The Conversion enhances set-up.

Standard Features:

  • Turn ins
  • Ties 15” to 18” inches apart on flaps and sides. 7 ties across the front
  • Rifle straps on both sides.
  • Front Flap roll ties.
  • Shelters are designed to fit face to face.
  • Unique tie-up technique eliminates unnecessary sag ans stress, all peg loops are on seams.
  • Our unique and functional set-ups can give you maximum performance of your lean-to in any season, any temperature


  • BASE CAMP: 7’ X 9’ X 9’ = 81’ Sq feet of usable space, takes 6 poles
  • CONVERSION: 6’ X 7’ X 9’ = 54 sq. feet add-on space. Makes a base camp into a wall tent.
  • BASE CAMP plus CONVERSION = 135 sq. ft takes 9 poles.
  • Two BASE CAMPS face to face = 162 sq. ft.
  • SPIKE CAMP: 7’ x 9’x 6’ shallower lean-to = 135 sq.ft takes 6 poles.
  • SPIKE CAMP plus BASE CAMP face to face = 135 sq. ft.
  • PRIVACY CURTAIN allows you to close the front without closing the front flap.
  • RAIN CURTAINS 7’ x 3’ side protection from blowing rain.
  • RAIN CURTAINS 7’ x 7’ extends living space another 7 ft. or whien closed give complete rain protection without closing the front flap.

These individual units are designed to work together to provide the shelter that you require.

Baker Tent


Tent Styles: