Coureur de Bois

Coureur de BoisCoureur de Bois is a versatile functional shelter. It combines features from several of our shelters, drawing heavily on the diamond shelter and the Belle de Armes. While the Coureur de Bois is not a documented historical shelter, it has been widely accepted at many events. However, please double check with the event host before application.

We offer the Coureur de Bois in two sizes:

  • Coureur II – Measures approximately 13 ft x 13 ft on the ground with a 9 ½ foot pole. This shelter gives ample storage and sleeping room for two people.
  • Coureur III – Measures approximately 6 ft x 8 ft on the ground with a 5 ft pole. The Coureur III is a sit down shelter for one person and gear.

The Coureur II has two options for set up:

  • The traditional set up is staking the perimeter and then inserting the single pole inside to raise the shelter.
  • The second set up, is staking out the perimeter and then using 3 poles with outside ties, thus eliminating the pole inside the tent.

Saplings can be used for door poles.

An additional feature to the Coureur setup is using the Coureur III as a fly for the Coureur II, using the same pole and fanning the smaller Coureur out and securing with ropes or ropes and poles. The overlap on the door plus the sod cloth provides a very tight set up.

We also offer a larger dining fly for the Coureur III measuring 9ft x 14 ft with a pocket for attaching. We have designed the fly so that it will fit the sides and can be tied down to keep the wind and rain from blowing in from the backside of your tent.


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