Decorative / Accessories

Your tent is your home away from home.  You can accessorize and decorate your tent to make it more comfortable and useful for you.  We offer several items that can tailor your tent to suit your needs. WE offer high quality items at a fair price.  Whenever possible, we support our local artists and craftspeople.


Stove hole  - 6 inch diameter hole with a fiberglass/silicon ring, installed in a fiberglass panel with canvas “blind”.   $75 when ordered with tent, $95.00 for installation in an existing tent. Wall panels only.

Stakes - $3.00 Each
Our stakes were designed especially for us. They have a blunt end so as not to penetrate a tree root. They also have a closed end, so as not to pinch the guide ropes.

Finials are used on the top of your tent poles over the rope and canvas.  Not only decorative, finials serve a practical purpose of preventing rain to drip down your tent poles, and also secure the ropes on the pole pins. We offer two sizes - Small and Large:

  • The small measure about 2 ¼ inches wide and 4 inches high.
  • The large measure 2 ¼ at the base and 5-6 inches high.

Privacy Curtains:
Privacy curtains can be used to separate different parts of your tent.  For a marquee, the privacy curtain should be the height of your walls, and twice the width of the section that you wish to partition.

  • Light weight muslin – non treated ( not flame retardant, mildew resistant or water resistant) $10 per panel (36 – 45inches) , includes casing and  finished hem.
  • Sunforger canvas – ( treated – the same stuff we use for our tents) $30 per  35-36 inch wide panel, includes casing and  finished hem .

Tapestries - $25–32 Each
We offer a variety of block print tablecloths, or bedspreads which can be used to decorate your tent walls.  Call us for our current inventory.

We offer various items to help you decorate your lodge.  All of our metalware is made by local artisans and craftspeople.  We do not import our decorative metal work.

Gravity Hooks - $12.00
We use gravity hooks to hook around a pole and hang items.

Portable Holes - $25.00
Portable holes are used to display household banner and flags. 

Hanging Ring (will hold approximately 15 lbs.) each comes with 4 S hooks
Used to hang utensils, herbs. 

  • Small  16 inch diameter  $35.00
  • Large 19 ½ inch diameter  $40.00

Over the Pole Hooks - $10 Each, or 2/$15.00

Keep checking back with us.  We are adding new items when they become available.