Extras are the non -tent items that we offer for sale made from the same high quality canvas that we use for our tents.

Bed or Blanket Bag - $75.00, blankets not included
Our bed or blanket bag measures approximately 7 feet long, with ties and an opening on one side, and a 6 inch boxed bottom.  Can be customized to your size. 

Haversacks - $25.00
Our regular haversack measures approximately 15 inches wide, with a depth of 15 inches and a flap which includes a pocket.  We offer canvas or webbing straps, measuring a finished length of approximately 56 inches.  We can customize the length, please allow an additional 3 days for customizing.

Other bags:
Stake bags - $10 Each
Our stake bags have a reinforced bottom and measure approximately 9 inches wide and 28 inches long, with a cord draw string.  

Sighting in bags - $7.00 Each
Our sighting in bags, are approximately 7 ½ inches wide and 10 – 12 inches long, closed with a Velcro tm strip.  Designed to hold a gallon plastic zipped bag of sand.  Plastic bag and sand not included. 

Shopping Bags  - $25.00
Shopping bags are 13 ½ inches deep and 15 ½ inches wide, with two 2 inch wide finished canvas straps, sewn to the body of the bag for extra strength.

Wood or Log Carrier - $25.00
Our wood/log carrier is a panel 20 inches wide and 34 inches long (when laid flat) with two straps, each 4 ½ inches wide and 52 inches long, sewn to the body of the panel for extra strength.  Sides are double hemmed and center seam is topstitched.
We also offer a variety of smaller day bags.  Please call for availability.

Rifle or gun sleeves - Starting at $25.00
Our rifle/gun sleeves are various sizes, depending on the length of your rifle.  They are at least 8 inches wide