Fire StartingR&R MetalWorks - Fire Starting

American Style pictured.

We have two types of fire starting kits. The American style kit sells for $20.00 and includes an American striker, flint chard, tow and char cloth, contained in a tin box and carried in muslin bag.

The European style kit is $14 and includes a European style striker, flint, and tinder tube, contained in a tin box and carried in muslin bag.



Tinder TubeTinder Tubes: $4.00
Made in America.  Our tinder tubes are 3/8 inches  in diameter and have 9-12 inches of 100% cotton wicking.



$10.00 for American
$14.00 for European   
American and European style. Made in America.

American style strikers are hand forged into the popular C shape and throw a good shower of sparks.

The European style strikers are made of 01 tool steel with a hand formed copper grip. 

Char Cloth – Char by the yard: $2 per yard of char, or tin with 4 rolls, $10

Flax - $ 3 per 1 oz bag or 2 bags for $4.00
Excellent for that fire-starting nest, or cleaning your firearm.

Fat Wood - $3.00 a ½ pound bundle or 2 bundles for $5.00 
Fat Wood is resinous pine heartwood that will usually start a fire with two sticks even on the wettest windiest day.

Flint Shards - Small 50 cents - Medium  75 cents - Large $1.00