Large BrazierR&R MetalWorks - Large Square Brazier: $80.00

A word about braziers in general:  Braziers are a result of human beings making fire portable.  Moving the fire from the ground to a more usable place or position was the logical way to control and use fire.  Documented use of braziers dates back to the Egyptians.  In the Egyptian book of the dead, there is a hieroglyph of a man in front of his brazier.  Braziers come in all sizes, shapes and material; clay, porcelain, brass, copper, and steel. 

R & R Metalworks features steel braziers, individually hand made by us.  We feature three styles of braziers, square, round and portable fire pits.

Caution: Use Extreme caution when using braziers near combustible surfaces and items.

Made of 16-gauge steel.  The brazier firebox measures 6 inches deep and 8.5 inches wide. Including legs and ash pan (base) the overall height is 11 inches.  This model has two added features not included in the smaller models.  The fire box interior grate can be adjusted to use just the right amount of charcoal and the draft can be adjusted to allow the correct air flow.   The cooking surface (including dog-ears) is 11 ½ by 11 ½ overall.  For storage purposes, the brazier requires approximately 1 cubic foot.

Made in the USA. 

This style is a reproduction and an adaptation of a Revolutionary officer’s brazier. (Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution – page 95.)    The dog ears have been lowered on this brazier to accommodate more than one pot at a time on the surface.  This particular brazier features an adjustable fire box and also the ability to regulate the draft.  The brazier comes equipped with a fire stop, designed to minimize the heat under the unit while in use.

This brazier is best suited for a camp of 3+ persons.

In Colonial times, this brazier had several different uses:

  • It was used at the hearth to keep food warm.
  • To heat wig irons.
  • To warm an officer’s quarters. (With proper ventilation)

We do NOT recommend using this item to warm a living area, due to the production of carbon monoxide.