The Marquis - Oval

The marquee tent is a versatile tent. It can provide shelter for a family or make an excellent shelter for a vendor or a combination of the two. The marquee fits into many eras of history. All of our marquees are straight sides and interior poles to make a very clean look.

The main feature of the marquee is that the walls and canopy (roof) are separate items. This feature is helpful for several reasons. With a separate wall, you can drop the wall down to cool the interior. The tent is not as heavy to set-up as an all in one tent. You can use the canopy as a stand alone shade shelter. You can move the walls to position your door where ever you wish.

Standard features include:

  • Turn ins at the bottom of each walls, (except at the door)
  • Ties in the middle of the wall
  • Tabs at the bottom of each panel seam to secure to the ground or pole
  • Weather skirting on the edge of the canopy
  • Roof Reinforcement
  • D rings and hooks for wall and roof attachment.
  • Reinforcement at each seam on the roof panel.
  • Two wall panels, with overlapping door panels
  • 6 foot walls
  • One awning skirt panel, sewn to one long side of the canopy (except for the round marquee)

Optional Features offered:

  • Additional door panels
  • Stove hole in wall
  • Alternative wall/roof attachment system:
    • Cordage through loops
    • S – hooks and cordage
  • Dagging
  • Higher walls
  • Privacy panels
  • Additional awning skirt panels
  • Awning or Shade Fly

We offer the marquee in several styles and many different sizes.

Available Sizes (Oval)

11' wide x 14' long
11' wide x 17' long
13' wide x 16' long
13' wide x 19' long
13' wide x 22' long
15' wide x 21' long
15' wide x 24' long
15' wide x 27' long

Available Sizes (Round)

13' diameter
15' diameter

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