The Mitered Corner (Octagon)

Found illustrated from medieval times through the American Revolution, this tent will give you a lot of room for the space it takes.  It is also designed to accept shade canopies that will nearly double its useful shaded area.  This tent has front and rear entrances for more flexible airflow and ease of set-up.

One-piece construction for easy set-up.  Center pole can be ordered sectioned for ease of transport.  Each tent takes a center pole, four corner poles, and four perimeter poles so you keep that tight clean look.  This is a beautiful tent when set-up and will surprise you with the useable space it provides (tent is actually a dodekahedron).

Available Sizes:

  • 12' wide x 12' long (6' x  6' roofline) / 10' foot peak height
  • 15' wide x 15' long (9' x 9' roofline) / 11' peak height

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Tent Size: