The Wedge - Flat Back

All our Wedge, aka Bar tents, are of military design and are among the easiest tents we offer to set-up.  With a simple three pole set-up you can have your camp ready to go in just a few short minutes.

The Wedge tent comes in two basic styles: Bell Back and Flat Back. The Flat Back Wedge tent has the option of two doors which will give you adequate ventilation on hot sticky days. The Bell Back Wedge will give you that clean military look with storage space in the bell. Made from the same high quality fabric, water repellant, flame retardant, and mildew resistant treatment that will keep you as warm, dry , and comfortable as any of our other products.

All our bar wedge tents are built to the specifications of The Brigade of The American Revolution.  Source: An Essay of Castramentation by Lewis Lachee, London.  1778
All N.W.T.A. Wedge tents and British Army tents are built to the specifications of The Northwest Treaty Alliance.   Note: Replicas have the narrow vertical seams and all measurements are as close to the original as possible. For those of you who wish to upgrade your tent we offer the following add-ons: turn-in at bottom and door overlap.
If an option of double doors is required, please give us a call for the add-on.  Add a fly on the front or back and you have a very comfortable set-up.   Features include turn-ins on all units (except Bar), overlapping door flaps, and ties both inside and outside of door.

Available Sizes:

  • 7' wide x 7' long x 9' high (plus bell)
  • 7' wide x 7' long x 12' high (plus bell)
  • 9' wide x 9' long x 9' high (plus bell)
  • 9' wide x 9' long x 12' high (plus bell)

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Tent Size: